Fat Loss

Give yourself the gift of health and start the New Year feeling great!

Do you know that you can achieve this in about 5-6 weeks?

Unlike most ‘quick weight loss’ methods, our program does not involve extreme dieting, crazy workout program, dangerous diet pills, hormone, or any other risk factors. In fact, most people who closely follow the Pro Weight Loss protocol feel great while they are shedding the pounds!  That is because this method works with your body’s natural biology, instead of against it.

No exercise needed, no cravings, no hunger, no drugs or hormones and no artificial food.

Create Healthy Habits

Making healthy choices can help us feel better and live longer. Everything you do impacts your health and quality of life, now and in the future. There are proven strategies you can use to set yourself up for success to reduce your risk for many health issues such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.  Here are a few:

Know Your Habits
Our daily task and repetitive behaviors become our habits. They affect the thought process of our brain and become automatic, creating habits that are hard to change. Once we create an awareness around what we regularly do, and look for patterns in our behavior that trigger unhealthy habits, we can then begin to change them positive ones (i.e., reduce sugar, drink more water, reduce TV time, move more, eat more veggies, measure food, limit processed food, and sleep well).
Make a Plan
Make a plan that includes small and simple goals.  Then take reasonable and specific actions to move towards them. Incorporate what you think you will need to be successful.  Change things around you or in your environment to support your goals (i.e., stock up on healthy snacks vs filling your cabinet with poor food choices, reduce sodium and add instead more herbs and spices).
Stay on Track
Although putting a positive plan in place for yourself is exciting and motivating, there are times when we feel challenged about reaching our goals.  By identifying negative thoughts and becoming aware, we can turn them into positive and productive ones.  Keeping a journal to log your meals and workouts can also help stay on track.  Tracking your behavior assists with learning what your challenges are so you can overcome obstacles.

We all have the power and the ability to create and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Things may not always go as planned and that’s ok.  Positive change is a process and what’s most important is to keep moving forward with making these healthy choices. Explore different strategies until you find something that works for you!

Is My Weight Loss Goal Realistic?

Having a goal of any kind can help you accomplish things you want to do. It gives a vision of what you want to achieve and how to achieve it. However, goals must be realistic, especially a weight loss goal. It’s tempting to fantasize about losing 60 pounds in a few weeks, but it’s not possible to do, at least in a healthy way, if at all. Excess pounds are often packed on over a long period and come with a lifetime of bad habits. It takes a while to change a habit and develop a new one.

What is your ideal weight?

People often don’t know exactly how much they should weigh. A lot of factors decide that. It starts with gender, height, age and body build. Your height is extremely important. If you’re five foot two and weigh 165 pounds, you’d be classified as obese. However, if you’re six foot two, you’d be a normal weight. The more muscle you have, the more you can weigh and still be healthy. Muscle tissue weighs more than fat tissue does. Men have more muscle tissue on the average, so a man can weigh more based on his height.

Compare your ideal weight to your present weight.

If your ideal weight is 120 pounds and your present weight is 160 pounds, you have 40 pounds to lose. How are you going to do that? Since one to two pounds per week is a realistic goal, but you want to set your sights high, divide that forty by 2. It means you’ll lose 2 pounds a week for 20 weeks to reach that goal. That gives you time to develop good habits and learn to make smarter choices in food for a healthier diet.

Track your weight weekly but be prepared for some setbacks.

Weigh yourself the same time every week, just once a week. If you weigh too often it can get discouraging or give a false impression. Your body is constantly changing weight throughout the day from varying water weight. Add exercise to the mix, but don’t go overboard. Schedule a half hour to an hour to exercise each day. If you don’t meet your goal one week, don’t get discouraged, you’ll probably meet it the next. If you don’t, check your eating habits and see if you really stuck with the program.

  • It’s possible to lose several pounds in a few days, but normally that’s the first few days of a diet and occurs due to water weight loss. It can’t be continued week after week.
  • Always track your progress. You can do it by recording the food you eat, your time exercising and your weight. You can also use measurements or take a picture every week in the same outfit at the same place.
  • There are some things you can’t change. If you’re big boned and have a large frame, you’re never going to be petite. It’s not realistic. Control the things you can control like your weight, and accept those you can’t.
  • Make sure your goal is healthy. Today a number of people have eating disorders because they see themselves as fat, when actually they’re a healthy weight. If your weight is within normal limits, maybe you just need to tone your muscles to look your best.

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How Many Calories Are In A Pound Of Fat?

We create healthy diets for people in Massachusetts to help you reach your weight loss goal. Traditional wisdom says just cut 3500 calories, and over time, you’ll lose a pound of fat. While cutting back on calories will eventually help you lose weight, it’s not that simple. First, body fat isn’t pure fat. It’s made up of protein, fat and fluid. Pure fat is about 4080 calories per pound, since it’s 9 calories per gram and 453 ½ grams in a pound. Since it’s not pure fat, the calorie content will be less.

It’s all about making it easier to explain.

It’s a bit of a misstatement that eating 500 fewer calories will make you continuously lose 1 pound every week. When you first start a calorie-deficit eating pattern, the estimate is pretty close. However, over the long term, the theory starts to fall apart. When you eat less for a long period, your body makes changes to use the calories more efficiently and it actually burns fewer calories. The term for this change is adaptive thermogenesis. Some people refer to it as starvation mode.

To continue to lose a pound a week, you have to make other changes.

The dreaded plateauing does become a problem after a few months, especially if you’re adding exercise as part of your weight loss program. You also have to train your body to burn fat and not lean muscle mass. When you burn lean muscle mass, you reduce the number of calories you burn, since muscle tissue requires more calories for maintenance than fat tissue does.

Each person is unique, so they’ll lose fat at different rates based on their diet.

If you want to maximize weight loss, you need a diet designed specifically for you. It’s all about the food you eat and how your body uses that food. It’s balancing the macro-nutrients, protein, carbs and fat, to increase weight loss until the goal is reached and changing your diet to maintain the weight loss. If you’re exercising, that should be also considered. You also have to make sure your body doesn’t enter starvation mode that makes weight loss harder.

  • While you don’t have to exercise, doing strength building exercises can boost your efforts to lose weight, since it builds muscle tissue. It changes your body composition to more muscle tissue and less fat tissue.
  • A macro-nutrient diet for weight loss will vary, but in most cases, you’ll be eating more protein, healthier carbs and fewer simple sugars and less processed food.
  • As you lose weight, your body doesn’t have to work as hard, since it’s not moving as much weight each time it moves. If you have an extra ten pounds of bodyweight, it’s like carrying a ten pound dumbbell everywhere you go.
  • Not only is body fat not pure fat, the body also has several types of fat. There is white fat, brown fat and beige fat cells. Body fat is also classed by where it’s stored. Subcutaneous fat is just under the skin, while visceral fat is deep abdominal fat that crowds organs.

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Do Vegetarians Lose Weight Quicker?

It’s normal to want to lose weight quicker, but still eat a healthy diet. That’s one reason many people in Massachusetts are considering becoming vegetarians. Is it really the miracle diet to lose weight fast or is that just a myth? One thing is certain, just cutting out processed food and food with added sugar can make a big difference, but the benefits of a vegetarian diet as the best one for weight loss are still debated. Let’s first look at what a vegetarian isn’t. It’s not a vegan. Vegan have far more dietary restrictions. They don’t eat any animal products, including milk or egg products.

What do vegetarians eat?

Vegetarians live a primarily plant-based lifestyle with most of their proteins from plants or plant combinations like beans and rice. However, unlike vegans, they can eat food made with eggs, milk and milk products, since they only eliminate animal flesh from their diet. That makes it easier to get a balanced menu that’s healthy and normally low in calories.

Is the vegetarian diet automatically a weight loss diet?

Did you know that many candy bars are vegetarian? You don’t find any meat in cupcakes or cakes and the fat or oil used is vegetable oil. With vegetarianism becoming more popular, so has vegetarian junk food, too. There are snack bars, soy cheese and even soy “pretend” highly processed meats like hot dogs. Again, when you think of vegetarianism, you think of crispy salad and imagine yourself as one of those gloriously thin people that never let animal flesh touch their lips. That’s not always true. You still have to eat healthy and just cutting out meat and animal flesh won’t do it.

It’s all about what you eat and how much you eat that makes a difference.

No matter what type of diet you choose, pick one that suits your lifestyle and belief system. Vegans and vegetarians often choose that diet type because of a belief system, rather than the weight loss potential. There are studies that show that vegans tend to be thinner, but it’s no guarantee. Sugar is still plant based. Dark chocolate covered nuts or raisins may be vegetarian but eating a lot won’t help you lose weight. To get the best results, you need a diet that’s designed to make you healthier.

  • Nuts are a good source of protein and other nutrients, which makes them good snacks and salad toppers that fill you up and keep you feeling full longer. However, they’re also high in calories.
  • A healthy vegetarian diet is chock-full of nutrients and a lot of fiber. That will help fill you up and keep you full longer. Choosing healthy fat, like the type in avocados, and protein, as in beans, will keep you full longer so you lose weight faster.
  • Just like a well-balanced omnivarian diet has health benefits, so does a well-balanced vegetarian diet. It can lower the risk of heart disease, boost the potential for weight loss, reduce inflammation, hypertension, balance blood sugar and improved blood cholesterol levels.
  • We focus on dietary plans created specifically for you and based on your DNA. No two people are alike, so even if they both eat a primarily plant based diet, the diet plans we provide are varied to meet individual needs and help them lose weight faster.

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Try these healthy snacks

Need a boost of energy during that midday lull? Healthy snacking will give you that extra spring in your step to keep up with your busy day. A mid afternoon break is important to reset your mind and energy level so you can continue to be productive.
Here are a few healthy snacks:
  1. Hummus and Veggie sticks (carrots, celery, cucumbers or peppers)
  2. Yogurt with berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) and nuts or seeds
  3. Oatmeal with banana slices and drizzled honey
  4. Pear and cheese slices on Melba toast
  5. Cottage cheese with blueberries and a sprinkle of granola
  6. Egg white and veggie bites (combine your favorite veggies like spinach, tomato, mushrooms, peppers and onions, spices and liquid egg whites and bake in muffin tins)
  7. Apple Chips (combine apple slices, cinnamon and stevia and bake on a cookie sheet)
  8. Fruit Smoothies (Combine your favorite fruit with water or dairy free milk such as almond, oat or coconut, and ice cubes in a blender You can also add an organic plant-based protein powder.)
Be mindful to avoid the not so healthy choices that are loaded with hidden sodium, added sugar, processed ingredients and empty calories. Incorporating whole foods into your menu is the healthiest way to snack.

Active Lifestyle Program

Have you been dieting and exercising and not able to lose a pound?

The Pro Weight Loss ctive Lifestyle Program is optimized to provide significant weight loss (up to 5 lbs. per week) for individuals who:
  • Have a BMI of 25 or less
  • Are moderately active (or healthy enough to begin a moderate exercise regimen)
  • Want to build muscle while losing fat
One of the key aspects of this diet is physical activity. Dieters must exercise to see maximum benefit. Exercise should consist of 20-30 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of light weight training five times a week (no more than 45 minutes of exercise per day).

Health Benefits Of Salmon

Everyone seems to love the food on their menus from Pro Weight Loss in Massachusetts, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have questions about why some foods are on the list and others aren’t. The reason is based on what the ultimate goal of the client is, their food preferences and the health benefits of the food. One of the most nutritious foods included in meals is salmon. In fact, I get a lot of questions about its health benefits, so writing a blog seemed to be the easiest way to address all of them.

Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids.

People often freak out when they hear that fatty fish are good for them. Society has vilified fat so much, that people think fat free is the only healthy way to go. Nothing could be further from the truth. You need fat in your diet, but not just any fat. Trans fats, for instance, are extremely unhealthy. Fatty fish like salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids. It’s an essential fat that you have to get from food. It helps decrease inflammation, which when chronic, can cause serious conditions. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer, lowers blood pressure and improves the functioning of the cells that line the arteries.

Salmon contains many important nutrients.

There’s a wide variety of B vitamins in salmon. It has niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, thiamin, folic acid, B12 and B6. B vitamins are responsible for aiding in many functions that range from DNA repair to improving brain and nervous system functioning. Salmon is also a good source of potassium, which helps to keep blood pressure lower to reduce the potential for a stroke. It also contains selenium, a trace mineral that supports bone health, boosts protection against cancer and improves the functioning of the thyroid.

Have you ever heard of astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant that gives the salmon flesh its red color. It helps prevent the oxidation of the bad cholesterol, while boosting levels of the good cholesterol. While the research is varied, some indicate that astaxanthin reduce inflammation, lower oxidative stress and help prevent the build up of plaque in the arteries. Just like omega-3. It helps protect the brain. Other studies show it can improve your skin and help retain hydration and elasticity, so you’ll look younger, too.

  • All the nutritional benefits point to the fact that salmon is good for your heart. It also may be good for your mood, too. It helps balance omega-3 and omega-6 and studies show that can help prevent aggression and anger.
  • Salmon provides high quality protein. Protein is necessary for healing, bone health and the maintenance of muscle tissue. All parts of the body use protein.
  • Just like other sources of high quality protein, salmon may help you lose weight. It fills you up and keeps you feeling full longer. The omega-3 in salmon may boost your metabolism and help get rid of belly fat. It increases insulin sensitivity, too.
  • Stay smarter longer when you eat salmon. Not only does salmon help reduce anxiety and depression, it protects fetal brains when their mothers consume it. It also helps decrease memory problems related to aging.

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3 Simple Steps to Lose Weight

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It is common to gain weight during the winter months. Where it’s colder, and it gets darker earlier, we are typically less active in general. Additionally, with the pandemic, our habits have changed quite a bit, as we are spending more time at home. Excess weight and obesity are a major concern and can put one at risk for developing more severe cases of covid and other flus and illnesses.

Here are a few simple steps to get the weight loss process started:

  1. Cut back on sugars and starches When you do that your hunger level decreases and you end up eating much fewer calories.
  2. Eat protein, healthy fats and vegetables. Protein regulates your hunger, healthy fats boost your metabolism, and veggies fill you up plus give you all the nutrients you need!
  3. Exercise at least 3 times per week The best option is to workout 30-45 minutes 3-4 times a week.  Warm-up, combine cardio and weightlifting, stretch and cool down.

Most weight loss methods are unproven and ineffective.  Pro Weight Loss utilizes only natural based products which are scientifically proven.   No hunger, no chemicals, no pre-made meals, drugs or hormones.


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Drop The Fries And Move Those Thighs

In Massachusetts, we people come to us desperate to lose weight. We listen to their story and talk about the choices they make in diet and how much daily exercise they get. Many confess to being fast food junkies that seldom get off the couch. You can’t live that way and expect weight loss to happen. There’s no magic formula. You have to drop the fries and move those thighs to get the results you want.

A healthy diet is at the core of a weight loss program.

No matter how much you workout, if your diet is unhealthy and filled with sugar and highly processed foods, you simply won’t lose weight. A great body starts in the kitchen because you can’t out-exercise a bad diet. Focus on making changes to your diet first. Our programs can help you with scientifically based diets designed specifically for you and your needs. You’ll be amazed at how good healthy food tastes and how good you feel after just a few weeks.

Combine that healthy eating with a program of exercise.

You will lose weight when you change your diet, but you also need to tone those muscles to look your best. You’ll be amazed at what a difference a half hour a day can make, not only in your appearance, but energy level and health. Exercise builds muscle tissue, to not only tone your body, but also boost your metabolism. The more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you burn even when you’re resting. That’s because it takes more calories to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat.

Move your thighs even more than just an exercise session.

Get more active. If you’re streaming your favorite show, exercise during the commercials. In fact, if you have the commercial free version, you can even save money by opting for the streaming version that contains commercials, so you have time to exercise while watching. Take the stairs rather than the elevator, at least or several floors if you live or work in a high rise. Put a basket on your bike and ride to the grocery or ride to work. It all helps you get into shape and will change your life forever.

  • Don’t forget the healthy snacks. Our programs all contain snacks, but if you’re creating your own healthy diet, include them. They’re extremely important and can help you avoid grabbing a quick snack or gobbling down more than you need at supper.
  • Don’t starve yourself. Eating healthy isn’t dieting and doesn’t leave you feel deprived. It’s all about making smarter choices that are designed to boost your body’s health and energy, while providing all the nutrients you need.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and make sure it’s water. What you drink makes a difference. Even though the can says zero calories, that diet soda is still unhealthy. A recent study found that people who drank diet drinks had a larger waist circumference.
  • A healthy life means adequate sleep. Lack of sleep causes the body to produce less leptin—the hormone that makes you feel full, and more ghrelin—the hunger hormone. That’s counterproductive.

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