8 Tips for Sticking to Your Diet at a Party

It can be hard to attend parties when you are in a weight loss program.  You may be worried there won’t be anything at the party you can eat, or that you will get off-track by giving in to temptation. However, all is not lost. Here are 8 tips on how to stick to your healthy diet:

1. Don’t go with an empty stomach.  
This will help you avoid feeling starved when you arrive.   Eat a healthy, fiber-filled, or high-protein snack before you go to the party.

2. Bring a healthy dish.
You can offer to bring a healthy appetizer, side dish, salad, or lower-calorie dessert.  Ask if it would be okay to bring a dish that meets your needs.

3. Opt for lean proteins.
Suppose you are at the party, and you are hungry.  Look for the protein that is not fried or dipped with grease.  The best options are usually poultry and fish. See if you can find food like shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon, or sushi.  See also if you can find lean poultry.  For example, chicken kabobs can be easy, low-fat choice or grilled breast chicken.

4. Look for fruits and vegetables.
Many parties provide a snack tray stocked with fruits and vegetables.  Try filling your plate with fruit and vegetables first.  Be mindful if the fruits and veggies are served with dip.  You may need to skip the dip unless they have avocado dip.

5. Practice portion control.
Mentally divide your plate into four portions.  Fill half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, one quarter with the protein being served, and one quarter with grains or starches or skip this last food group and add fruits instead. Stick to just one plate of food.

6. Eat slowly. 
Eating slowly can stop you from eating too much. When your body gets the signal that it’s full, you’re less likely to keep eating.

7. Drink water. 
Water helps fill your stomach so that you are less likely to feel hungry. It also gives you something to put in your mouth that doesn’t contain calories or fat. Hold a glass of water in your hand instead.  You’ll be less likely to mindlessly nibble on the food at the buffet table.

8. Step Away.
Stay away from the food table. It’s easier said than done.  Chatting with friends across the room will help prevent you from filling your plate repeatedly with unhealthy foods. Move your conversation outside to keep the buffet table out of sight.  Keeping the food out of your sight is a simple way to keep yourself from eating when you’re not hungry.