End of Summer Special

Still hanging on to the last bit of that COVID-19 weight gain? The activities during summer months certainly help to kick start your metabolism but with a year like we’ve had, family and friends are seizing every opportunity to come together as often as they can for cook-outs and fun gatherings, involving food and alcohol. […]

Are Avocados Good For Diabetes?

Are Avocados Good For Diabetes?

If you have type 2 diabetes, you’re probably worried about the effects of everything you eat. You may also be overweight and feel it’s almost impossible to lose excess pounds and stay healthy. At Pro Weight Loss in Massachusetts, we understand your confusion. We also know that even thought you have diabetes, your body is […]

Boost your Immune System

Looking to give your immune system a natural boost in protection from illnesses? Here are several dietary and lifestyle changes that may strengthen your body’s natural defenses and help fight harmful, disease-causing organisms: Get Enough Sleep: Inadequate sleep is linked to a higher susceptibility to sickness. Adults should aim to get 7 or more hours […]

The truth about commercial weight loss program and their pre-package meals

Most commercial weight loss programs offer a big line of pre-packaged foods such as ready frozen meal, shakes, juices, snacks, etc. Their members can choose any foods they want, as long as they stay under their daily allotment. Their members can eat small portions of nutrient-poor junk food daily as “treats”, therefore never losing their […]

Is Cooking With An Air Fryer Healthy?

Is Cooking With An Air Fryer Healthy?

People often ask whether cooking with an air fryer is really that healthy. The answer is yes and no. Before we delve into such conflicting answers, let’s first look at how an air fryer works. It uses hot air, like the name indicates, to circulate the food and make it crispy. The process is part […]

Summer Fun to Keep You Fit

There are many reasons why exercising in the summer is fun and more feasible than ever. There are much more daylight hours during this time of the year to get outside, weather you are an early bird or a night owl. Schedules are typically less hectic in the summer, providing more leisure time to devote […]

The Importance of Protein

Protein has many roles in your body. Every cell in the human body contains protein. Protein is important for growth and development. There are several functions of protein; here are some of them: Required for your body to repair cells and create new ones, which, in turn, helps to repair and build your body’s tissues. […]

6 Tips to Get Motivated

Sometimes people can feel unmotivated because they lose sight of why they’re making changes in the first place. To help you get motivated! here are 6 tips that should help.   Set a goal and visualize it down to the most minute detail. Create a motivation board as a visual reminder of your goals and […]

Beat the Heat Recipes

Beat the Heat Recipes

Beat the heat this summer with your favorite Pro Weight Loss drinks! They are healthy, refreshing, and easy to make. Here are our top choices!   Blueberry-Herb Lemonade Punch 1 cup blueberries ¼ cup fresh herbs: basil, mint and tarragon 2 (32 oz.) freshly made lemonade (water, stevia and lemons) 1 cup cold sparkling water […]

Woman relaxing and dreaming. Positive thinking background

Think Positive

  The Power of positive thinking is critical in adopting to receive an abundant life. It is an emotional attitude that focuses on positive results in health, weight loss, happiness, success and life in general. Your thoughts affect your words, which affect your actions, which in turn, affect your habits that form your everyday life. […]