When Nutrition Boosts Immunity

Why is eating healthily so important? Not only does it help maintain a healthy weight and provide the building blocks for a healthy body, but good nutrition also boosts immunity. A perfect example of a reason to keep the body fit with nutrition occurred during the pandemic, where it was identified that people low in vitamin D, which includes older people, obese people and people of color, suffered more severe symptoms from the virus. When you eat healthily, you can reduce the risk of a serious disease and avoid many minor bacterial or viral infections.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should fill your plate.

These foods, whether eaten raw or cooked, can provide a wide range of nutrition, including minerals and vitamins that boost your immune system. Citrus fruits, red peppers and other fruits and vegetables offer vitamin C, while blueberries, red and purple grapes and other purple, blue or deep red fruits and vegetables have anthocyanin, a bioflavonoid that aids in regulating the immune response. Carrots and spinach are rich in vitamin A and also boost your immune response.

Stick with whole foods and avoid highly processed foods and foods high in sugar.

Nothing can destroy your immune system faster than food high in sugar. It weakens the immune system. The same is true of refined carbohydrates and highly processed meats. Don’t overlook those beverages, like soft drinks that contain a lot of sugar or drinks containing alcohol. Instead, switch to whole foods, where you know all the ingredients and additives. Read labels carefully, if you’re using packaged food.

Opt for food high in zinc and vitamin D for a boost to your immune system.

While one of the best places to get vitamin D is from the sun, it’s not possible for everyone, especially in the winter months in northern areas. Vitamin D plays a big role in the immune system. If you can’t get adequate vitamin D from the sun, consider adding fatty fish, egg yolks, liver and vitamin D fortified products to your diet. Foods high in zinc are also immune system boosters. These foods include crab, lobster, whole grain, red meat, poultry, oysters and dairy.

  • A lot of your immune response starts in your gut from the beneficial microbes. Probiotics foods, like yogurt, kefir and other fermented food can improve it. Prebiotic foods, such as those high in soluble fiber, are also important.
  • Add some spice to your life, while you boost your immune response. Spice that can build your immune system includes cayenne pepper, garlic, saffron, black pepper, coriander, cinnamon, turmeric and ginger.
  • While red meat may get a lot of negative press, it can help boost the immune system. It’s also high in zinc, which boosts your immune response.
  • Vitamin E is also important for a strong immune system. Almonds are one way to boost your vitamin E intake. Sunflower seeds, avocados and leafy greens are other foods that boost vitamin E.

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