When I go to parties, I can’t resist all the snacks

In most social situations where food is involved, the key is to treat yourself to a few of your favorite snacks, in moderation. If you try to resist the food, your cravings will only get stronger and harder to control. By following a few simple strategies, you can enjoy yourself without overeating.
Make only one trip and be selective: Decide ahead of time how much you will eat and choose foods you really want.
Take only small portions: A taste may be all that you need to satisfy your craving.
Consider splitting: an entree or snack with your partner or friend.
Add a veggie-rich salad: to your meal to bulk up its nutritional content.
Nibble: if you eat slowly, you will likely eat less –but don’t nibble all night long.
Don’t stand next to or sit near the hors d’oeuvre table: As the old saying goes: “Out of sight, out of mind”.
Eat something healthy before you arrive: If you arrive hungry, you will be more inclined to overeat.

One last thing: if friends are pressuring you to indulge, it’s probably they want you to enjoy yourself. The best way to respond is to keep the dialogue positive. Rather than saying you can’t or shouldn’t have something, say you aren’t hungry or it’s not your favorite. They can’t argue with that.