The truth about commercial weight loss program and their pre-package meals

Most commercial weight loss programs offer a big line of pre-packaged foods such as ready frozen meal, shakes, juices, snacks, etc. Their members can choose any foods they want, as long as they stay under their daily allotment. Their members can eat small portions of nutrient-poor junk food daily as “treats”, therefore never losing their addictive cravings. This diet quality is not the best for your health. They focus on WEIGHT, not HEALTH. Recent research reveals that processed foods are bad. They are the major contributor to obesity and illness around the world. This is the reason why 70 % of Americans are overweight and diabetes type 2, hypertension, high cholesterol included cancer are on the rise.

Although many commercial weight loss programs emphasize whole fresh food, no food are off limits. Their system promotes eating foods that produces greater satiety foods that are higher in fiber and protein content. High-fiber foods and high-protein foods are not nutritionally equivalent. These companies promote animal protein as a favorable food to consume. They recommend a small amount of daily vegetables and fruits combined; not nearly enough to achieve disease prevention.

These weight loss companies sell nutrient-poor, high sodium, reduced-calorie processed products with lengthy ingredient lists including added artificial sugars, hydrogenated oils, and white flour- just like conventional processed foods. They encourage the use of artificial sweeteners, which perpetuate the desire for excessively sweet foods. Dr. Sears, renowned family practitioner created the Prime-Time Health plan, explains “Artificial sugars don’t satisfy a sugar craving. They trick taste buds with the sweet flavor yet leave the body wanting more and feeling unsatisfied. Therefore, artificial sugars are told to play a major role in creating our obese society”.

These weight loss companies are not interested or motivated to fight the obesity epidemic or win the war against cancer. They are far from a health-promoting eating style. Again, their focus are the calories not your health. The business is to sell their products to you so they can make money on an ongoing basis.

We believe that the only answer to this obesity epidemic is to eat REAL FOOD and exercise. Snacks and pre-made meals are not the priority. Plants are the priority. They are nutrient dense and low calorie. The program includes a healthy diet and our natural based formulas. Clients leave the program learning the importance to eat whole fresh food and exercise. Once you start eating a balanced plan-forward diet, you will start to feel really good very quickly! And you will start to connect your healthy food choices to FEELING GREAT, which becomes its own MOTIVATION.

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