Spring is here!

Spring seems like the best thing ever–all the showers and flowers —and it actually is, because the season magically makes you lose weight. You can’t argue with these facts, actual proof that spring is all the things:
Beautiful weather
makes you want to be more active.
Revealing spring clothes
zaps your desire to overeat.
Warm-weather drinks
have fewer calories than cold-weather ones.
The season’s most delicious foods
are incredibly healthy.
With daylight savings
you get more waking hours of sunshine.
Green stuff is abundant in the spring
and green stuff burns fat. And it just so happens spring is prime time for seasonal veggies like arugula, kale, spinach, and broccoli.
Your mood is brighter!
Most people feel an increase in energy, optimism and excitement with the arrival of spring. This positive feeling helps to lose weight!