Snacks That Keep You Energized And Productive

When you think of snacks that make you feel more energized, you might think of sugary treats. However, those snacks give a boost of energy that doesn’t last long before you feel even more tired and are far less productive than you were before you ate them. To prevent having your energy depleted, you need to avoid snacks with added sugar and focus on ones that will keep you full of energy and pep longer. These snacks also don’t have the negative side effects on your health like sugary treats, loads of nutrients and far fewer calories.

You can find those snacks in your refrigerator.

Try a combination of protein for long-lasting energy and carbohydrates for a quick pick-me-up. For instance, cottage cheese with fruit on top or yogurt with fruit and nuts are combos you can make at home. Try a parfait of yogurt topped with frozen dark cherries, a half a banana chopped and nuts. Mix them together for a creamy, delicious treat that will keep you going for hours thanks to the extra protein.

Prepare a Mediterranean salad jar ahead of time, or some homemade trail mix.

The potentials are amazing if you’re making trail mix. You can add dried fruit, raisins, dark chocolate bits or even dark chocolate covered almonds. Make sure the cacao content is high and keep portion control in mind. A Mediterranean salad jar is also quite versatile. It can contain leftover brown rice with plenty of vegetables found in the Mediterranean diet or cooked quinoa or chickpeas. Trying to keep your calorie count low? Cut a hard-boiled egg in half and make two deviled eggs for about 126 calories.

If you prefer to buy your snacks, trail mix and protein bars with little or no added sugar are a good choice.

If you check the ingredients in many granola or protein bars, they’re basically the same as candy, which means they’re definitely not healthy. It doesn’t mean all are like that. Some sweeten the contents by using dried fruit, figs or dates, which not only sweeten the bar, give a boost of energy immediately. The peanut butter, nuts or other protein in the bars keep you going longer.

  • A good pre or post workout snack that boost your energy level is egg salad on whole wheat toast halved for a half sandwich. You can even add as much lettuce as you’d like or tomatoes.
  • Fresh fruit, like an apple, with a side of protein, like cheese or peanut butter can provide both the protein and carbs you need for a snack that gets you going immediately with long-lasting energy.
  • A make ahead snack is energy balls. You combine toasted oats or wheat germ with peanut butter and either raisins or honey then form balls and roll in remaining toasted oats or wheat germ.
  • You can drink your favorite snack. Make energy shakes from protein powder, Greek yogurt or peanut butter and fruits or vegetables. Freeze rounds of bananas then blend them with peanut butter or nuts for an ice cream like treat that will help you get moving.

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