Should I Be Trying To Gain Muscle?

Some people focus only on dieting to lose weight and shun any attempt to gain muscle. Many are women who believe they’ll end up looking like The Hulk. That won’t happen without working out at the gym for long hours, eating a specially designed menu, and sometimes getting help from pharmaceuticals. Instead, women who workout tone muscle tissue. For men, it’s a bit different. While there’s an easier potential to bulk up, it still takes a specific type of workout to build bulky big muscles like you see on bodybuilders.

You can build muscles for strength, endurance, or size.

Building bulky muscles doesn’t necessarily build strength or endurance. Endurance and strength help in daily life, bulky muscles are for show. Strength and endurance help prevent falls and injuries. They tug on the bones to help make them stronger by increasing calcium uptake to avoid osteoporosis. It also helps lift the pressure on joints, protecting them and can aid in relieving pain from osteoarthritis. One of the primary reasons people avoid weight training is joint pain.

You’ll help maintain blood glucose levels when you build muscles.

Muscle stores glucose as glycogen. The more you exercise, the better the muscles are at storing glycogen. That helps lower blood glucose levels and can reverse insulin resistance or prevent it entirely. If you don’t have muscle tissue to store glycogen, the body creates more insulin to store it as fat. It can also lead to insulin dysfunction that accelerates aging. It increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, and cognitive issues.

You ‘ll make weight loss easier and help maintain that weight once you reach your goal.

You’ll burn extra calories when you workout, but that’s not the only way it helps you get and stay thinner. Muscle tissue burns more calories per pound than fat tissue does, even when you’re sleeping. The more you have, the higher your metabolism is and the easier it is to lose weight and prevent it from returning.

  • After your mid-30s, your body starts to lose muscle tissue unless you work to maintain or build it. That can slow your metabolism and leave you frail in your senior years. The more muscle tissue you have, the more likely you are to live independently when you’re older.
  • When you’re stronger with more muscle tissue, it improves your posture. That helps your respiration, prevents back problems, and makes you look and feel more confident.
  • You’ll get more done when you have more muscle strength. You won’t tire as quickly and easily have more power to do tasks that require strength.
  • Building muscles and feeling strong helps you develop a sense of accomplishment that can translate to other areas of your life. You’ll feel more capable of accomplishing other goals not related to building muscles.

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