Set A Summer Fitness Goal This Year

Do you want to look better? Feel better? Have more energy and enjoy the fun in the sun? You need to set a summer fitness goal. Just thinking about what you want or saying things like, “I’d like to lose weight,” isn’t enough. You need to be specific, write it down and put a time limit on it. You need to decide how you’re going to accomplish your goals. How you’ll measure it and what your timeline for achieving that goal. Otherwise, it’s just a thought or a wish. What is your goal?

Do you want to lose weight, have more energy or get healthier?

Everyone has different fitness goals. Those goals need to be realistic. If weight loss is your goal, losing 50 pounds in a month isn’t realistic, but losing 50 pounds in six months is. A timeline is also important to help you judge your progress. If you want to lose 50 pounds, but don’t have a specific timeline, you may never do it. You can even break that down to smaller goals, such as losing two pounds a week. That way you can track your progress every week.

Sure, you can weigh yourself for some goals, but how do you measure your progress for others.

If you want to be healthier, use your test results, like cholesterol, blood pressure and even endurance testing, to see if you’ve made progress. For more energy and endurance, see how many flights of stairs you can climb before you become tired. Even weight loss can be measured in several ways. The size of your clothes and how they fit you is one judge and taking measurements is another.

We can help you with all your goals.

Our personalized programs are designed to help you with your fitness goals. In fact, provide the guidance of what to eat and a complete program to help you reach your goals. Even if your goal is big, don’t get discouraged. A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Your goal may be so big that achieving it by the end of the summer won’t be possible, but you’ll be closer. You’ll feel and look better this summer. Look fabulous and feel great for New Year’s and be a totally new you for next summer.

  • Don’t let your goal overwhelm you. If it’s weight loss, focus on the weight you need to lose that week. A two pound weight loss is far less intimidating than a 60 pound weight loss.
  • Every goal needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time bound. An unrealistic goal, like being six inches taller or shorter, is unattainable. Make goals that help you become the best you that you can be.
  • Using our scientifically based meal plans can actually save time. We provide grocery lists, so you can do shopping all at once and cook over the weekend or when you have time. All you have to do the rest of the week is heat and eat.
  • Share your goal with a friend and let them know how you’re doing. When you do this, you’re creating accountability. No matter what your goal, make sure it’s important to you.

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