Ready To Transform Yourself?

You don’t have to be tired all the time, overweight or out of shape, you can transform yourself. Transforming yourself doesn’t mean you have to hate how you look or feel now, but just want something better and healthier. It all starts by deciding what you want from life and setting a goal, then creating a plan to reach it.

You have to be specific.

You can’t just say, “I want to lose weight.” Your goal has to be specific, whether it’s running a mile, shedding ten pounds or controlling your blood sugar levels. How many pounds do you want to lose or how quickly do you want to run the mile? How are you going to accomplish that goal or what’s your plan of action? How long is it going to take? It’s particularly important to set a time frame to accomplish your goal or you’ll always begin your plan tomorrow.

What do you need to do to accomplish your health goal?

In most cases, it’s eating healthier, exercising, getting more sleep and/or hydrating more. Eating healthier can solve many health issues, whether it’s being overweight or some other condition. You can increase your activity or add a formal program of exercise, focus on getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep and drinking about a glass of water every two waking hours. We can help you with a healthy eating program designed especially to meet your goals. It takes the work and guesswork out of correcting your diet.

Find a way to measure your progress that fits your goal.

If your goal was to lower your blood pressure, taking your measurements or timing a run isn’t going to work. Taking blood pressure readings will. Weighing yourself measures weight loss and taking body measurements can tell if you’re on the road to changing a clothing size. Record your progress and make changes in your plan if you’re not seeing progress. We help you along the way when you use one of our nutrition plans with phone coaching, online help and a mobile app.

  • You won’t see or feel changes overnight. Physical changes take longer. After all, it took a while to develop the problem. Give your plan time to work but also make sure your goals are attainable.
  • While the food you eat is important, so is what you drink. Don’t forget that sugary drinks not only are high in calories, they’re very unhealthy. Opt for water, unsweetened teas and coffee instead.
  • Make sure you have support that holds you accountable. Accountability is important. It’s easy to skip a healthy meal and down a few orders of fries, but not necessarily healthy eating. We hold you accountable with phone coaching.
  • No matter what type of transformation you want to make, it starts by taking the first step. Once you have a plan, set that plan into action. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see the changes you want.

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