Positive Thinking

The Power of positive thinking is critical in adopting to receive an abundant life. It is an emotional attitude that focuses on positive results in health, weight loss, happiness, success and life in general. Your thoughts affect your words, which affect your actions, which in turn, affect your habits that form your everyday life.
Here are 4 steps to take towards transforming to a positive mindset:
  1. Take control of your physical state: Take pride in how you present yourself. Self-care including proper hygiene, dressing presentable and an overall look and feel of being put together well builds positive self-esteem. Obtaining good posture also exudes self-confidence. Work on your nonverbal cues by removing nervous habits to show you are confident. As you hold your stance in a more confident and powerful pose, positive thinking will be allowed to flow more naturally.
  2. Adjust your mindset: Your mindset dictates the thoughts that flow through your head, how they make you feel, how you react to them and the result of the situation. If your mind set is poor then everything that happens around you will feel that much worse. On the contrary, a positive mindset can actually manifest positive outcomes. It is important to continuously express gratitude for your daily blessings, even in a difficult setting. The more you are thankful for all that you have, the more positive blessings are presented to you.
  3. Form new positive habits: Analyze your current habits to determine what needs to be changed. Rather than getting swept away with a pattern of negative thoughts, refocus your energy and develop empowering thoughts. Train your mind to block negative thoughts and replace them with positive affirmations instead.
  4. Transform your vocabulary: choose your words carefully, both in conversations with others and in your own mind to yourself, as they have a major impact on your mindset. Studies show that positive self-talk improves your psychological being.
Once you realize you have full control over your outcome and how you experience situations you become the master of your emotions and therefore can always determine your mindset regardless of outside influences. Taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions will allow everything in life to fall into place. Even when you can’t control all events of life, you can control how you react to them. The simple effort of looking for the positive aspect of each situation will set a new vibrational tone and begin to immediately attract all the right thoughts, people and circumstances into your life.