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Our programs are completely different from the commercial weight loss industry. This allows us to have one of the highest success ratings for hitting weight loss goals and keeping weight managed long-term. Our process supports your body and mind so well that you have no reason to come into a location. In fact most of the great reviews you are seeing about us are from clients that did out program without coming into a location. Please read below for more information.

We monitor you by the day, 24/7 access to your coach.

Simple - Fast - Effective


Lose 20-40 Lbs Very Quickly And Keep It Off Through Your DNA Lifetime Plan.*

Up to 200 Lbs.


We do it all for you.

We do it all for you. No guessing about anything. Your coach will set up your program and guide you every step of the way.



What to expect on your online program.

Pro Weight Loss custom programs are clinically proven and designed to help clients lose weight and learn how to keep it off for a lifetime. Because it is not a ONE SIZE FIT ALL program, our coach will take in account your lifestyle, medical history and physiology. Once we select the program that best fits to your needs, you will receive an electronic contract via DocuSign. This document is our commitment to you in writing. Your Pro Weight Loss KIT will arrive between 2-3 business days. After you receive it, we will call you to get you ready for a GREAT START! The coach will explain you how to take your formulas, access your Pro Weight Loss App, online support program and give your meal plan easy and simple to follow. You do not need to count calories or points. We will also schedule your live coaching calls, so you are not left alone!

Our app and online support portal have easy-to-use tools to help you reach your goals. This technology syncs with our computers so we can track your progress from home! The times that you need to come to the office each week are ending. Technology has made things easier for all of us. The majority of our clients do their programs from the comfort of their own home. Our formulas (below) and the unique process we take will support your body and mind very well. Most remark on how amazingly simple and effective our programs are.

  •  Pro Weight Loss All Natural Formulas –
    • Our amazing all-natural formulas were designed to allow the human body to not even notice it is on a diet. They were built to take care of the uncomfortable side effects people face when on a diet. No cravings, energy loss or hunger and more. We do not use stimulants, drugs or hormones to achieve this. Our program is an approach that uses high Macro-nutrient foods you buy at your grocery store or restaurant. This approach is designed to create health from the inside out. While getting healthy the body releases amazing amounts of unwanted fat. We will explain all for you on your free consult. Exercise is not required in most cases but if you currently exercise we will incorporate your exercise program into this program. It’s simple! Just follow the list of foods on your app or journal. We will adjust if needed.
  • Live phone coaching –
    • Our licensee coaches will guide through your complete program from start to end.
  • Pro Weight Loss App –
    • Weigh- in daily, track foods , In fact track everything you do on our app if you wish.
  • Journal if requested –
    • Some like tangible items. If you would like we can send you out easy to use journal.
  • Pro Weight Loss Support Portal –
    • Our support portal is used on your phone or computer and gives you access to the following:
      • Questions to your coach 24/7
      • Search anything you are looking for in seconds
      • Recipes if you would like to use. These are not required for you plan.
      • Great articles for you to learn about what is really going on with foods and how to understand managing weight. Many more helpful topics and videos.
  •  24/7 Access to coaches to ask questions.
    • You are never alone and we take the support process very seriously. So seriously that we only accept a certain number of new clients per month.