How to Stick to My Meal Plan at a Party

Party food is tasty and tempting, but most of your choices are high in fat, calories, salt or sugar. Whether you are currently enrolled in our program or just looking to make healthier choices during the holiday season, here are some tips and strategies to follow:
  • Eat Before You Go. Don’t go to a party hungry. If you’re famished, you’re more likely to head straight to the food table and start eating. Eat a high-fiber or high-protein snack before you go to the party such as proteins, fruits and veggies. Choose the healthier options like shrimp cocktail, veggies and dip, or fruit salad.
  • Eat slowly. Eating slowly can stop you from eating too much. When your body gets the signal that it’s full, you’re less likely to keep eating once you get to the party.
  • Drink Water. Water helps fill your stomach so that you are less likely to feel hungry. It also gives you something to put in your mouth that doesn’t contain calories or fat. Hold a glass of water in your hand instead. You’ll be less likely to mindlessly nibble on the foods at the buffet table.
  • Step Away. Stay away from the food table. It’s easier said than done. Chatting with friends across the room will help prevent you from filling your plate repeatedly with unhealthy foods. Move your conversation outside to keep the buffet table out of sight. Keeping the food out of your sight is a simple way to keep yourself from eating when you’re not hungry.