Find Help In Boston With A Diabetic Weight Loss Program

If you’re diabetic, suffering from insulin resistance or prediabetes, you need a weight loss program that addresses that issue. There are programs available in Boston that can help control blood sugar levels and aid in weight loss at the same time. Some programs are better than others, so your goal is to find a program that is versatile, designed for you and provides coaching and help along the way to make your journey easier.

Most people feel confused when they find out they have a problem.

If you’ve just found out your diabetic, you’re probably feeling lost, confused or just shocked. Maybe you thought your diet was healthy and didn’t think that you’d develop Type 2 diabetes. Maybe the doctor gave you a book or pamphlet about what to eat. If so, it may look daunting and difficult. Some health care professionals even provide a sample diet, hoping it helps. However, the minute you leave the office, you’re on your own. You can’t call the doctor every time you have a question, no matter how caring he or she is.

You don’t have to go it alone with the right program.

Finding help may be a click or phone call away. There are places right here in Boston that provide help for people in surrounding areas, like Burlington, Marlborough, Dedham, Andover or Wakefield. You can meet in person, online or talk on the phone. Find one that not only provides a plan designed for your needs, but also coaching to help you through the difficult times.

Get a plan that’s based on your DNA.

No two people are exactly alike and what works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for another. Our bodies are all different, even within families. You need a plan that’s based on your body, your needs and your preferences. While you might get a sample plan from your health care professional, it is the same on that he or she gave to the patient before you with diabetes and will give to the next patient help with your diet that’s designed specifically for you.

  • Losing weight for most diabetics and pre-diabetics is extremely important. Several studies indicate that as little as a 7% weight loss can dramatically affect the amount of medicine you take or even whether you have to take medicine.
  • Food is medicine and the wrong type of food is toxic. Learn to feed your body right to be the best possible you. You’ll be healthier, look healthier and feel fantastic once you find the right blend of food.
  • Find a place you can contact several ways. They should provide phone numbers, online access or an in-person option.
  • Look for help with a diabetic diet that’s based in the latest science, but easy to use. It should have the work of balancing macros done for you and be simple to use.

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