Exercises That Target Your Thighs

Spot exercises will help you lose weight, but it won’t just come off the area that you target, like the thighs. They will help you burn more calories and improve the muscle tone of the area you work. When it comes to the thighs, it can mean a leaner, healthier appearance with diminished puckering from cellulite. By toning the muscles underneath, you’ll improve the overall appearance and lose the jiggle and gelatinous thunder thighs look.

Weighted and bodyweight exercises can help.

Consider doing bodyweight squats or doing a weighted squat like a barbell squat or an overhead weighted squat will get your thighs in shape. You can modify squats to work various muscles in the thighs on different planes. By widening your stance and pointing your feet outward, you can do a plie squat and show off your inner ballerina. Ballerinas do have beautiful legs. There are dozens of modifications to squats, both weighted and unweighted. All of them will shape your thighs. Squat jacks combine jumping jacks and squat and are excruciating, but excellent thigh workouts.

Strength training can build your thighs.

You might think of strength training only for the upper body, but the dumbbell deadlift will prove you wrong. It tones the glutes, lower back and hamstrings, too. Remember the rule, lift with your legs not your back, and you’ll understand how lifting builds your thighs. Don’t forget about lunges either. Just like squats, there are a variety of ways to do the lunge, both weighted and bodyweight. Learn how to do the regular lunge first and once you perfect your form, move to another type of lunge.

It all starts with a healthy diet.

A healthy diet isn’t dieting, but eating whole foods that provide all the nutrients you need with the excess calories you don’t need removed. It’s about making smarter choices when selecting food. Highly processed food and food with added sugar, high in trans-fat, refined flour and salt increase the amount of cellulite on your thighs. Don’t forget what you drink either, carbonated beverages and coffee also build cellulite. Drink plenty of water to counteract cottage cheese thighs. Fresh fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants can help reduce the amount of cellulite you have.

  • Who says toning your thighs has to come from regular calisthenics or in the gym? You can go bicycling or ride a stationary bike, take the stairs or do step-ups. Park further from the store to walk more.
  • Lots of sports and outside activities will work your thighs. Taking a walk off the beaten path in uneven terrain or on the beach will tone your thighs. A night out dancing, a round of golf or a day of swimming can tone thighs.
  • If you want exercises you do while you’re watching TV or at the computer, try a simple one. Just squeezing a rubber ball or towel between your knees can tighten and tone your inner thighs. You can use your hands as the opposing force, then try to push your knees together.
  • While plie squats are a good way to start, your inner ballerina will also get great legs by going up on toe. Move your feet into various positions and do a plie to tone all the muscles of the thigh.

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