Ever Tried Kickboxing For Toning Legs?

Getting fit not only helps you feel your best, but it also helps you look your best. One exceptionally effective workout is kickboxing. It provides many benefits, one of which is toning legs It improves your cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance and strength. You’ll experience a boost to your confidence level and can provide an effective form of self-defense. Best of all, it’s never boring. People who take classes find their workout time goes fast and they love it, so they’re more apt to stick with the program.

Kickboxing tones the entire body.

You won’t build big, bulky muscles doing kickboxing, but you will develop a svelte, muscular appearance. That’s because kickboxing tones the entire body and sizzles away fat. Studies of kickboxers show they have a low percentage of body fat. Kickboxing tones the arms, core and legs significantly. You’ll get shapely arms, a flatter abdomen, and those shapely legs you desire. It’s all about the type of movements you make during kickboxing.

You’ll get fitter faster because of the nature of kickboxing.

Kickboxing keeps you constantly in motion. It is a high-intensity workout that’s also high-impact. You might consider it a form of HIIT. You may always be in motion, but the intensity varies because of the very nature of the sport. It strengthens muscles with the kicking and punching involved, but it is also a superior cardiovascular workout. You’ll burn a lot of calories. While it will vary by weight, fitness level and activity level, it can range anywhere from 600 to 1000 per session.

Kickboxing boosts your energy level.

Like most exercise, it increases blood flow to all parts of the body, while also burning off the hormones of stress. The increased blood flow and increased muscle movement trigger hormones that make you more alert and boost your energy almost immediately. As you workout, you’ll also burn off the hormones of stress. If you think punching a chair or the wall can help relieve anger, stress or frustration, imagine what an hour of punching and kicking the air can do.

  • Like all types of exercise, kickboxing can help reduce stress and frustration. It has been shown to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Some therapists use exercise as an adjunct therapy.
  • You’ll improve your posture when you kickbox. Kickboxing improves core muscles, providing strength in the abdominal area, trunk stability and more posture control. You’ll walk taller and feel more confident as you do.
  • Besides toning muscles, kickboxing can provide functional fitness. Functional fitness focuses on working muscles in the same way they’re used when you do everyday tasks so you won’t injure yourself doing something simple, like picking up a bag of groceries.
  • Kickboxing teaches self-defense, but it also teaches self-control and discipline. To protect yourself and plan a strategy against an opponent, you have to remain patient, level-headed and focused. That lesson also transfers to daily life.

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