Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help Weight Loss?

You may have heard of several hacks that are inexpensive, take little time and good for weight loss. One of those is the use of apple cider vinegar to help you lose weight. People from Massachusetts have asked if this was true. We know that apple cider vinegar—ACV—is excellent for many applications from aiding in lowering blood pressure to rinsing shampoo and product out of hair and making hair shinier. It’s always been thought to be a myth for weight loss, but it seems there may be some truth to it.

Lab experiments show there may be some validity.

A lot of studies are done on animals, specifically, lab rats. That’s what most of the ACV studies are. So, if you have a fat rat at home, giving him acetic acid may help boost their metabolism and prevent fat deposits. How does that defend ACV as a weight loss aid? ACV contains 5% acetic acid. If you want further proof that ACV helped slim fat lab rats, another study showed that taking acetic acid helped make rats more active, produced a higher oxygen intake, burned more calories and reduced the amount of body fat the rats gained.

There are some studies that are based on the effects of ACV on humans.

Over ten years ago, a study involving humans and the use of ACV was conducted. The study used a control group that didn’t use ACV and a group that took a tablespoon or two a day of ACV each day. The group that took the ACV not only lowered triglyceride levels compared to the control group, but they also lost between two and four pounds. There was one small problem. The ACV did make them feel fuller longer, but for many of the group, it also made them feel nauseous. A separate study found that the ACV slowed the amount of time it took to empty the stomach, which made them feel fuller longer.

A good hack doesn’t replace a healthy diet.

If you purchase ACV pills, thinking that’s all you need to do to shed those extra pounds, think again. While using ACV as part of your dressing on a salad may help you lose weight, taking a teaspoon in the morning, then eating burgers, fries and shakes for lunch simply won’t do. There’s no magic weapon that can help you shed weight without giving up fast food or food with added sugar and switching to healthier eating patterns. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be well served if there were. Eating healthy has more to offer than just weight loss. It provides all the nutrients necessary for a healthy body and lots of energy.

  • Make a dressing using ACV if you want to include it into your diet. Put fresh herbs in a container with ACV. Mash a bit, then seal for 24 hours or so, straining the ACV and storing the flavored delicacy to use in salad dressing.
  • People who already have gastroparesis, the slowing of emptying the stomach, don’t use ACV for weight loss without speaking with your health care professional. The same is true of anyone with digestive issues.
  • ACV comes from fermenting apples that are crushed. It’s often used to help people with heartburn, or acid reflux. It can be used as a natural tooth whitener. However, used too frequently it can also erode dental enamel.
  • ACV can help control blood glucose levels. It also helps lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol. By balancing blood sugar, it can improve insulin sensitivity, which can lead to making weight loss easier.

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