Best Stretches To Do Before A Workout

At Pro Weight Loss in Massachusetts, our focus is helping you lose weight and get healthier with a scientifically backed diet designed specifically for you. We also emphasize that you’ll lose weight quicker if you add exercise. Every exercise session should start with a warm-up of stretches and a cool down session to prevent injury. There are several good stretches to do before a workout. These stretches prepare the muscles for the extra effort necessary by increasing blood circulation. They help loosen the muscles by increasing their temperature and prepare your heart for the exercise session.

Use dynamic stretches that mimic the moves you’ll be doing.

Some people think of touching the toes when they hear stretching. That’s static stretching and not recommended for pre-workouts. Dynamic stretches work the muscles you’ll be using, keep the body moving gently and are held for a short period, such as torso twists. They’re best for pre-workouts. If you’re running, pacing, walking and just moving is a great option to boost circulation. To stretch, step out with one foot and do a lunge, raise your arms above your head and go back to initial position. Butt kicks are also good warm up exercises.

You’ll be surprised at how easy stretching is.

You can start a warm-up with a few minutes on a stationary bike. Once you pedal a minute or two, it’s time to warm up the upper body. Stretch with arms in the air and do arm circles. It starts by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms outstretched and parallel to the ground. Start by making small circles with your arms and slowly enlarge the circles. After a minute or two, reverse the direction of the circles. Doing a lunge with twist for another great warm-up stretch.

As you warm up, make the stretches more difficult.

If you’re going to run, pace or walk around a small area first. Do side lunges, bent knee leg swings, straight leg lateral swings and hip flexors. Calf stretches are also important to help ensure you won’t get leg cramps. Whether you’re preparing for aerobic exercise, strength-building or balance, these classic stretches will help.

  • Stretch your core muscles by doing a torso twist. Extend your arms for the torso twist and turn your upper body side to side while keeping your lower body stationary. It helps loosen the core muscles and get blood flowing.
  • Another good warm up is the windmill. It’s done gently, with feet shoulder-width apart arms extended to the side. Bend to the right so your left arm is pointing directly up and the right is pointing downward. Return to standing position, then bend to the left.
  • Do jumping jacks, high knee marches and side lunges. You can even do a jumping jack without jumping. Just step to the side instead if you want to make it more low-impact.
  • For leg days, even skipping and hopping can be good. If you’re working on the upper body, air circles, rolling your shoulders and doing a cross body shoulder stretch are good.

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