Best Exercises With Resistance Bands For Toning

You don’t have to pay a fortune for equipment if you’re working out at home. You can use bodyweight exercises, dumbbells, kettlebells, or resistance bands to substitute for a traditional or home gym. Bands are stored easily, and a set can substitute for several weights. You can use them for building or toning muscles and incorporate them into traditional bodyweight exercises to increase the intensity.

If you thought squats provided a good workout, try banded squats.

Merging resistance bands with traditional workouts can take you to the next level. Each color indicates a different resistance level. When you use them with squats, you stand in the middle of the resistance band, holding your feet in a squat position hip-width apart. One end of the band is held in each hand at ear level with the upper arm parallel to the floor. Now squat. The bands add more effort when you stand and can tone core muscles, legs, and arms.

Work your thighs with a banded bridge.

A bridge works the core muscles and lower body. Tone the inner and outer thighs faster by adding resistance bands to your workout. Use the flat resistance bands that look like rubber bands. Wrap them around the thighs and lay on the floor with your arms to your sides, feet flat on the floor, and your knees bent You’re in the starting position for the bridge. Raise your bottom off the floor until your body is straight from the knees to the head in the traditional bridge position. Now add the magic toning of resistance bands and attempt to press your knees outward. Pull them back, squeezing your abs and bottom tight.

Do resistance bands pulls to build all upper body muscles.

You can tone your upper body with resistance bands. Start with an overhead pull. Hold one end of the resistance band in each hand with your hands shoulder-width apart. There shouldn’t be any slack in the bands. Raise your hands above your head with palms facing out and pull the band until you can’t overcome the tension, attempting to create a T with your arms. Do the same exercise with palms facing inward. Start pulls with hands in front, behind the back, or by stepping on the resistance bands and lifting upward.

  • You can work your muscles on various planes. You’ll feel different muscles working when you change the direction of your palms or raise an arm as you lower the other. Standing pulls work different muscles than bent resistance pulls.
  • Do a banded bicycle exercise. Wrap the rubber band-style resistance around your feet and curl into the crunch position. Start pedaling as you hold your upper body slightly elevated and hips firmly planted on the floor.
  • Do a banded high plank with resistance bands around your wrists. Stay in the high plank until you move one hand forward a few inches until there’s too much resistance, then move it back. Then do the opposite hand.
  • Do walking lunges with a resistance band around the calves. Step on the resistance band. Hold your bands at ear level with forearms at a 90-degree angle to the body. Step back with the unbanded foot and lunge down.

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