Best Arm Workouts

As we approach winter, you might not think about arm workouts. After all, nobody will see your arms under layers of clothing. Holiday clothing is often sleeveless for women, and spring is always just around the corner, so it’s never too soon to start toning your arms. To prepare for the holidays and the upcoming summer, here are a few of my favorite arm workouts to tone your arms. You won’t build big bulky muscles, especially if you’re a female, but you will develop firm, toned arms.

Are batwings your nemesis?

Nothing is worse than feeling your biceps sag and flap noisily in the wind like a playing card hooked to the frame of a bicycle wheel. Eliminating batwings isn’t simple and it takes some time. Throw a punch with dumbbells in your hand, using as much effort as possible to tone your upper arms. Another good exercise starts by sitting on the floor with legs crossed in a diamond position, knees bent, feet soles touching, and back straight. Hold a weight in each handheld at chest level. Pull your shoulder blades down as you push the weights up and away from your body. Return to starting position.

Just holding weights differently works other muscles.

You can do palm-up or palm-down forearms, wrist, and bicep curls to work muscle groups on different planes and get a more well-rounded workout. Whether you do them at home with makeshift dumbbells from water bottles or in a gym with weights, it’s easy. Hold a weight in each hand and lift. For wrist curls, put your forearm on a bend and lift while keeping your elbow in place. For bicep curls, stand with arms at your sides and lift by bending your elbow. Hold the weights with your palm down or palm up for variation.

Tricep kickbacks are excellent upper-arm workouts.

Tricep kickbacks start with the weight in one hand and one foot on the floor. The other leg is bent with the shin on a bench or table. Put the opposite hand on the table, keeping your body straight. Lift the arm with the dumbbell until the upper arm is parallel to the floor and your elbow is at a 90-degree angle. Straighten that arm as you lift backward.

  • Overhead extensions are excellent. Hold the dumbbell with both hands at one end, lifting it overhead, then slowly lowering it behind you to a 90-degree angle. Lift back up overhead by straightening your arms and repeat.
  • A plank works your core muscles, but it also works your arms. You can do a plank with your elbows bent, resting your weight on your forearms, or with your arms straight and weight on your palms.
  • Traditional push-ups work the triceps and small muscles in the front, the coracobrachialis. You can vary the intensity of the muscles worked by adjusting your hand width.
  • You can sit at your desk and build your arms. Sit on the edge of your chair extending your legs. Hold the side of the chair seat and lift yourself upward and forward. Slowly lower your body in front until your elbows are bent at 90 degrees.

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