Benefits Of Working Out With A Friend

You’ll get many of the same benefits that you get from working out with a personal trainer by working out with a friend. Of course, you won’t have the expertise that a trainer provides, but you will have the accountability. One reason trainers have so much success is that they hold their clients accountable. They are an appointment for clients, so people are more likely to show, even when they don’t feel like exercising.

You’ll be more motivated to actually workout.

Once you show up at the gym, you still have to do the exercises. If you’re on your own, you may cut corners by quitting early, doing a half-hearted workout routine or skipping some exercises you don’t like altogether. A workout buddy will push you to do better and maybe make it a little more competitive. You’ll often workout harder when you’re working out with someone else.

You’ll be more likely to try new exercises or routines when you workout with someone.

Not only will workout buddies provide a wealth of knowledge, maybe even exercises you haven’t tried, they also can learn along with you. If you’ve watched a workout video but wasn’t sure you could do the exercise right, a workout friend can watch to ensure you do, just as you do for them. Having someone else there often gives you the courage to try taking your workout one step further, lifting heavier weights and doing more sets.

You’ll be safer exercising with a friend.

Whether you’re a runner, doing calisthenics or strength-building exercises, working out with a friend is beneficial. If you go running or jogging, it’s always safer running with a friend. If there’s a medical situation, there’s always someone to get help. You’re even safer just because there are two of you. It’s easy for an attacker to single out one person, but they often avoid attacking two.

  • One study showed that just phoning someone once every two weeks to check on the progress of exercise, made them 78% more apt to exercise. Meeting with them to exercise is even more effective.
  • Workout buddies provide support and empathy. They understand how tough it is to get fit or lose weight. They can even help provide motivation when you want to quit.
  • Workouts sometimes can be boring. Working out with a friend can make it more fun. You’ll be more likely to change the workout frequently and add new things to keep it fresh.
  • Everyone needs to be their own cheerleader but having another person cheering as well is doubly motivating. It can be that extra nudge to get you over a plateau or keep you on the path to fitness.

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