Benefits Of Group Fitness Classes

Statistics show that people get fit faster when they have the help of a personal trainer, but not everyone can afford one. Many of those same benefits can come from joining group fitness classes. It’s especially true when a personal trainer leads the class. You’ll get a program designed specifically for your needs with modifications for physical limitations. Personal trainers don’t direct all group classes, but even those without trainers offer a lot. They are fun, which keeps you coming back for more.

Group sessions are more fun than working out alone.

There’s a social element to group fitness classes. You meet new people or go with people you know. For seniors or new mothers, it’s often a way to reconnect to society. A vibrant social life can help prevent depression, improve health, and increase life expectancy. It can motivate people with friendly competition. The group can also cheer each other on to victory to accomplish even more.

Group sessions, whether led by a personal trainer or not, are less expensive.

Group classes help you learn an exercise routine and proper form. It’s a scheduled workout to create a habit. It costs money to join, but not nearly as much as it does to hire a personal trainer for private sessions. That’s because everyone pays for the time of the trainer or the class leader. While you don’t have to exercise to get weight loss results from our program, exercising speeds the process but it’s the right diet that drives it.

A meta-study looked at 44 separate studies and showed surprising findings.

Not all individual exercise programs are in the gym. Some are at home with a healthcare professional, and some are alone with and without aid like videos or online classes. There are also group sessions with different goals. The goal of all is to increase fitness, but some have a subgoal of increasing bonding. The groups created to improve fitness and create bonding were considered true groups in the 2006 Nebraska Medical Center Meta study. Those groups got the most benefits from exercising, while people who worked out alone at home got the least.

  • Good nutrition plays the most important role in good health and weight loss. People socialize in group classes and often share their favorite recipes for healthy meals.
  • When you take group classes that include the same people each time, you’ll make friends that can last a lifetime. They share the same goal of getting and staying fit and encourage each other to become more active.
  • Group sessions hold you accountable when the same people are in the group each time. People notice when you skip a workout.
  • Whether you workout alone or in a group, the key to getting fit from exercise is consistency. Group sessions create a consistent time to workout. It helps build healthy habits.

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